The Kit Car project is well underway!

There's been a lot of buzz about the Kit Car Project around C4DI lately, with tonnes of progress made in fundraising opportunities and the build itself. The project is being run in collaboration with charity Child Dynamix, a Social Enterprise and Charity founded in 2005 whose focus is social regeneration in areas of deprivation in east Hull.

Child Dynamix explain what the project means to them: "We create environments and services which enable children and young people to identify and realise their aspirations and potential."

"We have recently launched a new ‘kit car’ project which aims to engage young people from the Preston Road Estate in a positive activity. The kit car will be designed and built by young people and ultimately raced in Hull City Centre as part of Hull’s City of Culture year."

Only 2 weeks in and the car already has the main chassis together, the front steering in place complete with wheels and the rear axle and motor built, so get involved soon if it looks like it might be your cup of tea!

Rob Munnoch has been helping with the build: "It's good to try to engage kids in engineering to try and show them what can be achieved. In the end, it is nice to see them solve their own problems, and take away a sense of achievement."

The fundraising has also begun, with a JustGiving page being set up ready for taking donations and a raffle for a Valentine's Day Hamper that includes Lunch for 2 courtesy of Nibble, champagne, prosecco, chocolate and much more!

Tim Mutlow also helped out on the build, and was over the moon when the kids were using tips he had told them: "I was really pleased that they took away a piece of life knowledge I imparted to them - when turning a screw it's always 'Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosy'.  Words I still say in my head when I've got the screwdriver out.  I caught them quizzing each other on the phrase later on in the evening which made me smile, I made a difference!"

Tim also mentioned why it was great for him to help out as a project away from the day-to-day workflow: "It was a chance I jumped at as not only do I get to help out and show some kids what we do which is a great alternative future - not always the one you are shown at school - but I love working on cars and getting greasy every now and then. It's completely the opposite to the day job!"

Check out the awesome timelapse below of part of the build process, and don't forget it's not too late to get involved if you like what you see! Visit the Kit Car page on the C4DI website for more details or the JustGiving page to donate!