The Kit Car Project



We’re working with a local charity, Child Dynamix to build a kit car in the C4DI. The project aims to bring our members (company, co-working etc) together with children from underprivileged backgrounds to help them gain access to mentors. We hope getting them involved in an exciting project like this will help them get inspired and involved in the digital tech / engineering sector.

There’s lots of ways you and your colleagues can participate - we need those who are reasonably handy with tools for the build / designers for decals etc, sponsorship, marketing, comms etc etc. 

Please see a full list of the ways you and your collegues can participate below. Contact to get involved in the build.


How you can get involved...

You can see dates / times and how to get in touch by scrolling to the 'When' and 'Contact' section below.

Build ( Phase 1: Tuesdays 6pm)

  • DIY maniacs, Petrol Head, Engineers and anyone interested to help on the build.
  • Developers & Hardware experts who can upgrade the cars systems ;)


  • Marketing - helping to promote the project and raise awareness, cover the race and build
  • Design for decals, graphics etc,
  • Website - the project needs a good website
  • Fundraising - anyone looking to sponsor the project or raise funding
  • Video / photographers to cover the project
  • Mentors, facilitators and much more
  • Any other ideas - please contact us!



The build will be conducted in 4 phases where the car will be built and taken down again allowing different groups of children to get involved in the building. Contact if you'd like to get involved in the build.

Phase 1: The car is being built at the C4DI on Tuesdays, 7th Feb, 14th Feb and 21st Feb at 6-8pm.



  • If you / your colleagues would like to get involved in the build please contact
  • If you / your colleagues would like to get involved in another area please contact