Aidan Fray | Student

Aidan Frey is a final year Computer Science student at the University of Hull. He is currently working on a blockchain project with David Keel.

The project involves making supply chains more efficient by solving key issues and tracking where things come from.

He became a member of the C4DI during his second year of study after attending a local NASA Hackathon. Aidan’s interests lie in cybersecurity, he believes it is one of the crucial areas in the industry, with the requirements getting larger every day.

The third-year student is currently working on his dissertation, which focuses on a network degradation simulator. The programme simulates a network degrading and could be used to detecting weak spots in order to develop ways to improve them.

After graduating next summer, Aidan hopes to continue his study at MSc level or alternatively set up his own startup. Aidan is a prime example of how the C4DI strives to enable young people to be involved in digital innovation.