Alex Youden | NFire Labs

Alex Youden started out as an intern at the C4DI and is now the Founder of successful 3D printing company, NFire Labs. 

“My gap year turned into a gap forever, thanks to the fantastic support of C4DI.” 

In 2014, Alex had just completed his A-Level studies and was looking to take a year out of education before heading off to university. Instead, he secured an internship at the C4DI, and you could say that the rest is history. 

He set up a Kickstarter campaign that essentially decided his future and now supplies 3D printers and printing services to a vast array of businesses and schools. 

The NFire Pro is their flagship product. A simple, yet versatile machine that can be operated by users of all levels. The innovative printer has been popular both in the education and private sectors, allowing individuals and companies the chance to develop prototypes and products in a quick and accessible way. 

Alex is keen to pass on his expertise and will be working with the Ron Dearing University Technical College to install ten 3D printers and train and educate staff and students. 

Meanwhile, their on-demand service means that business and schools can enjoy the benefits of 3D printing without having to touch a machine. NFire Labs can save you valuable time and money by printing your CAD files at their Printer Farm. 

Partnering up with UPS, the world’s largest shipping company, NFire Labs have created a quality service that is unmatched by any other organisation. In most cases, they can replace any broken 3D printer with a courtesy machine by the end of the following working day, meaning that your workflow will remain uninterrupted.