Arco | Community Bio

Established since 1884, Arco is now the UK’s leading supplier of safety equipment.
The company specialises in safety equipment, workwear, workplace safety and services such as training and consultancy.
A team has been based at the C4DI to focus on Arco’s Digital First programme. This involves seeking new ways in which the business can develop to suit the increasingly digital world.
Moving the team to a technologically innovative environment, such as the C4DI, has enabled Arco to truly embed themselves into the city's digital community. They now have the tools and resources to think differently and enhance the development of new, innovative operating methods. Richard Martin, Digital Director, has already been talking to other members, who are keen to collaborate with the company.
In the future, Arco will continue to work on their three main aims: quality, expertise and ease. The digital team will strive to deliver their digital transformation programme