What is the future of your industry?

Currently, digital disruption is one of the most significant global forces that is having a huge impact on all sorts of different industries.

It’s easy to see that technologies, such as mobile, cloud, Wi-Fi, big data, the blockchain, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and artificial and virtual reality are all fuelling this incredible transformation of a number of diverse sectors.

With so much going on in the digital sphere, it’s sometimes hard for growing businesses and busy entrepreneurs to truly understand and take full advantage of technological innovation.

In April, C4DI will be presenting a special event to open up discussions about industry disruptors, focusing on robotics and 3D Printing.

Dr Calie Pistorius, Chief Executive of DeltaHedron will kickstart the morning, introducing businesses to the idea of emerging technologies and how they could completely change the way that they operate. 

“The impact of technological change presents strategic business risks, opportunities and threats to all companies,” Calie explains. “Emerging technologies have the potential to disrupt not only companies but entire industries, bringing new value propositions and business models with demands for entirely new types of skills.”

DeltaHedron specialises in the management of technological innovation. They work closely with companies to help them identify, assess and manage the impact, risk and opportunities presented by technological change and emerging technologies.

“New companies can become the industry leaders, replacing companies who are slow to adapt and have therefore become obsolete,” Calie continues. “The possibility that your company will either be a disruptor or be disrupted by emerging tech is very real. The challenge is to leverage the next phase of growth, not fumble to the future.”

Calie’s talk will pave the way for a deeper look into what sort of emerging technologies could disrupt a vast number of industries.

Robotics Engineer Josh Barnfather will be explaining how this exciting technology, as well as Artificial Intelligence, could impact a number of diverse industries.

Finally, 3D-Printing wizard and Founder of NFireLabs Alex Youden is going to be talking about how this technology is revolutionising the manufacturing industry. 

C4DI’s Why Robotics and 3D Printing are Going to Disrupt Your Industry event will take place in April. More details will be released via the newsletter soon.