BIMsense Ltd Named Best Digital Business 2018

C4DI members BIMsense Ltd were recently crowned the Best Digital Business 2018 at the Federation of Small Business Awards for the Yorkshire and Humber Area.

“It’s the second year in a row that we have been given such an honour after receiving the same title at last year’s Hull Digital Awards,” enthuses Scott Pilgrim, co-founder and Director of BIMsense. “Our Director Ian Yeo also bagged the title of Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce’s Best Business Person of the Year in 2017”

It seems like the building company is certainly doing something right when it comes to innovating their industry with digital.

BIMsense provides quality Building Information Modelling, as well as consultancy and training services. BIM is a nifty technology that digitally constructs buildings before you physically build them, combing models and drawings from architects, designers and engineers. This produces a 3D federated model that can offer a number of solutions and opportunities to everyone involved with the construction.

The technology cleverly allows us to see the building before the foundations are even laid, as well as providing engineers with a chance to scout out any design flaws or errors prior to work beginning.

After construction, BIM is extremely important during the handover period. Asset owners can view detailed specifications that are stored within the model, which saves a lot of time and money in the long run.

The builders-turned-entrepreneurs are currently cross-pollinating ideas with the rest of the C4DI community to develop software that will make this technology even smarter.

“BIM is changing the way that we build Further and Higher Education estates. We save clients hundreds of thousands of pounds by reducing building errors, time delays, budget overspends and accidents,” explains Scott. “In short, we are enabling buildings to talk to us.”

If you would like to find out more about BIMSense please visit their website.