Women 4.0 Returns To Highlight Successful Women In Industry

Following on from the first successful event on International Women’s Day back in March, Women 4.0 returns to highlight successful women in industry and inspire a new generation. 

“Women 4.0 aims to create a platform that highlights successful women in the industry and inspire all people, leading a positive path for the next generation,” explains Claire Clark, Director of Development at C4DI-based App and IoT Development Agency Sauce and co-founder of Women 4.0.

Claire Clark speaking at March's Women 4.0 event.

Claire Clark speaking at March's Women 4.0 event.

On Tuesday 8 October, three key speakers discuss their career journeys and sit on a panel, answering questions about their experiences as women who work in industry, science and business.

“Each event has a particular emphasis on encouraging women to enter the technology and STEM sectors. Our first speaker is a brilliant example of a woman who has thrived in her STEM-based role,” Claire tells us. 

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Rachel Winter, BSc and PgD Biomedical Science has spent the last 12 and a half years working in the Advanced Wound Management clinical research team at Smith & Nephew. 

“My current role is Director Global Clinical Operations and involves managing a team of clinical study managers to deliver a programme of clinical work and support Smith & Nephew’s wound management products,” Rachel tells us.

“I’ve been involved in studies in the UK, New York, Chicago, South Africa and Europe. We collect data that is used to get products to market to support and enhance product claims, as well as ensure safe and effective use of our products.”

Our second speaker is Annalieza Landa, member of the actor’s union British Equity, public speaker and founder of coaching spa HEALED.


“I’ve applied the same study of human behaviour and relationship dynamics while performing a variety of roles in the public and private sectors. At the darkest hour of my life, I discovered the profoundly positive power of public speaking,” says Annalieza.

“HEALED is designed to rescue those who have lost their mojo or are at risk of burning out - repairing, replenishing and reawakening them before releasing them, rejuvenated, into who they were created to be.”

As host of the event, Claire will also be discussing her experiences as a former Software Engineer and now Chartered Engineer. 


“I facilitate the positive growth and development of the Sauce team, implementing industry best practices and standards and leading the successful development and delivery of a range of interesting projects and products for start-ups to multi-national organisations,” she enthuses.

“My passion is to inspire others and help them succeed; one of the reasons I founded Women 4.0 with Barclays Eagle Lab.” 

Women 4.0 takes place at 2:30pm-4:30pm on Tuesday 8 October at Rollits Solicitors. The event is completely free and open to everyone.

Book your space via our Eventbrite page.

We look forward to seeing you and remember to use the hashtag #WomenInIndustryHull. For further information please contact David Summerbell, Ecosystem Manager at Barclays Eagle Lab Hull.