Twilio visit + benefit for C4DI members


We welcomed the guys from Twilio last week who were travelling up from London to Newcastle. What better way to spend some of their day than at the C4DI experiencing the great community, not to mention the "bl**dy hell, this is quick" internet! Twilio are doing some very, very clever things with communications online:


We empower developers to build powerful communication. Twilio powers the future of business communications, enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. We take care of the messy telecom hardware and expose a globally available cloud API that developers can interact with to build intelligent & complex communications systems. As your app’s usage scales up or down, Twilio automatically scales with you. You only pay for what you use - no contracts, no shenanigans.

I'm delighted to say that Ben and James have agreed to give all C4DI members a huge bonus! At signup or to upgrade an account, members will be credited with $100, which is good for several thousand calls or tens of thousands of SMS messages. This is very generous and we are extremely grateful. Thanks guys!

This is another terrific benefit of being a C4DI member. We want to pile on the value for your monthly membership. Why not get in touch and join the amazing community?