TransPix is Tackling Traffic With AI and IoT Technology

C4DI-based startup TransPix has recently received a Highways UK Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Challenge Award in the Congestion Category.

Highways UK is a regular event that brings together all those responsible for the planning, designing, building, maintaining, operating and future-proofing of the UK's road network. Each year, the organisation hosts the Infrastructure Innovation Challenge, which strives to encourage innovative ideas and smart technologies that will help solve issues experienced by the UK highways sector.

TransPix specialises in a clever technology that collects data from urban traffic patterns, with the aim to provide solutions to some of the biggest challenges our cities face, such as air pollution, safety and congestion.

Their product SmartFlo collects traffic data in real-time using Internet of Things (IoT) video cameras and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Aparna Garg with the Highways UK Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Challenge Award.

Aparna Garg with the Highways UK Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Challenge Award.

“SmartFlo monitors and collects all sorts of information, including turning movements and lane occupancy. We can then use this data to optimize road networks and better manage traffic, for example when sporting events happen or accidents occur,” explains TransPix founder and Computer Vision Scientist Aparna Garg.

According to the experts at TransPix, this technology could dramatically improve the way we deal with congestion in and around our cities, with research showing that intelligent data can reduce queue length and travel time by 15-20%.

“SmartFlo is based on a novel algorithm (patent-pending) developed at the University of Manchester. The company received R&D grant from Technology Strategy Board to develop the product,” Aparna continues.

TransPix also has a product called PedFlo, which detects the number of pedestrians on our streets.

“In addition to counting conventional footfall, we can also analyse the paths people are taking, as well as their speeds. This can be useful when researching how people are crossing junctions in city centres,” she tells us.

The TransPix team is excited for 2019 and their deployment of a demonstrator of the award-winning SmartFlo.

“We’re currently looking for funding to develop the product and grow our team. I am thrilled to be a member of the C4DI as it is the perfect incubator space that offers all-round support.”

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