The Temple Gym To Host September's Techy Breaky

Our next Techy Breaky is to be hosted at The Temple Gym on Humber Street.

This time, the breakfast networking event has a health and wellbeing twist, with a short talk from the founders of The Temple, as well as delicious smoothies, shakes and nibbles.

The Temple opened its doors earlier this year, offering a brand new health and wellbeing space in the Fruit Market.


"Our aim is to help C4DI members and people working in the Fruit Market to achieve the right level of work-life balance," Co-Founder Wayne Audsley explains.

"We're trying a different approach to fitness. We recognise that modern life is hectic, especially for those who work at C4DI and the surrounding offices. The Temple is all about short, HIIT workouts - you come in, do your thing for 30 minutes and get straight back to your desk."

Currently, there's a range of weekly classes at Temple, including HIIT, boxing, dance, yoga, pilates and condition circuits. There is also the option for personal training where a qualified instructor works with you to create a programme based on your goals and abilities.

"Our goal is to create a lifestyle space, where people can come in, work out, grab some food, socialise and go back to their desks feeling refreshed and healthy," Wayne adds.


On top of hosting September's Techy Breaky, the Temple is offering some exciting exclusive offers for members.

"We're offering members at C4DI a free five-day pass, which they can claim by showing their C4DI pass," he continues.

"If you'd like to sign up afterwards, you can recieve a discounted monthly membership cost of £27 per month."

The discounts will only get better over time too:

"If 10 or more C4DI members join our gym, their monthly membership cost reduces to £25!"

Sign up to Techy Breaky @ The Temple Humber Street via Eventbrite.

To find out more, please visit The Temple @ Humber Street website. Stay up to date with The Temple on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.