C4DI-Based Media Company Extends Its Influence

After starting out in C4DI’s coworking space, Influence Media has now moved into their new offices on our second floor. 

Influence specialises in video, branding and artwork, social media management and photography - including aerial photography as of the start of 2019. 

The talented team help businesses enhance their online presence with engaging visual content with some clients even having monthly reach in the hundreds of thousands - and even millions - thanks to the creation and ongoing growth of thriving social media channels and successful ad campaigns. 

Managing Director Luke Thornton set up shop around five years ago and joined the C4DI community as a way to meet like-minded people. 

Influence Media

We caught up with him and the rest of the Influence team in their new space. 

“Joining C4DI was a way for me to get out of my house and focus on work, as I’m sure it is for many other members. But, what I found here was so much more than a desk,” Luke tells us. 

“It’s a creative place, filled with people who are in the same boat as you - passionate about building a business. And, when you first start out, it’s a serious amount of work (it still is) and having the community around you makes things a lot easier as you’re not alone!”

Influence Media

Over the past few years, Influence has collaborated with a number of local and national companies, including Hull Kingston Rovers, Tribal Bar & Grill, The Hallmark Hotel, My Magic Holiday, international sales speaker Nicky Pattinson and many others.

“Our job is to create excitement around your product or service, and we do this through digital content that allows you greater reach online and a chance to boost brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.” 

Influence Media

Influence HQ is an inspiring space, equipped with its own breakout area with bean bags and hanging plants, as well as a view across Hull’s Fruit Market. The team has really made the room its own, with black walls and a window-come-whiteboard where ideas can be penned and brought to life.

“We made the decision to get our own office because we were growing quite fast and getting more and more equipment; tripods, cameras, drones  - you name it,” Luke laughs. 

“There’s only so many things you can fit in your rucksack or store in your spare bedroom. Our new office has given us a space to create and move the business forward.”

It’s an exciting time for Influence’s growing team, with James Duffy joining earlier this year as a content creator, in addition to various freelancers. 

“The rest of 2019 is looking bright for us - we’re looking for a few more people to join our team and we have some awesome projects in the pipeline - so watch this space.”

Find out more on the Influence Media website.

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