CipherSent launches


C4DI member David Ripper has been working on a very exciting project called "CipherSent". What has been really interesting is that other members have been involved and the project only happened with the help of the C4DI member team! We are seeing this happen more and more with people collaborating on client work and also startup ideas. So, what is Cipher Sent? Have a read below!

"Secure Matters Ltd, a software solutions company based at C4DI in Hull, has just released its first service. CipherSent makes secure file transfer simple. You can transfer sensitive data securely, simply, and quickly. To anyone, anywhere."

David Ripper, the founder of Secure Matters, explained that having worked with a few organisations that were struggling to make sure sensitive data was transferred securely he decided that there was a simpler way. “Existing solutions can be time consuming because there are a lot of manual steps in the process. They can also be insecure because either the manual process leaves room for error at different points, or because they’re relatively complex to use. This can lead to people ignoring the system because it’s too onerous.”

CipherSent makes the process simple by automating it as much as possible. People just login, upload the files to be transferred, and then enter the details of the recipients. Files are always encrypted from the moment they start uploading. Strong one time passwords are automatically generated and sent to the recipients via SMS. A link to the files is sent via email. Files are automatically restricted so only the recipients can access them, and they’re automatically deleted from the service after no more than 30 days.

Secure Matters has used local companies to help with the creation of the service. Fellow C4DI members have been commissioned to develop the service and design the web site. David says “It’s important to us to use local skills where we can. Keeping the supply chain local means we can work closely with our suppliers to deliver high quality services in a short timeframe. C4DI is a great environment to meet other startups and small companies involved in the technology sector. As a member we were able to easily access the right skills and experience to take CipherSent from an idea to a live service.”

If you want to learn more about CipherSent visit the website at, call them on 01482 240770, or drop them an email at hello at