The Not So Obvious Reasons Your Teams Are Underperforming

The Not So Obvious Reasons Your Teams Are Underperforming

Imagine you are sitting in an airport waiting for your flight. The airport is busy and you are at that low ebb in the day where you are looking for any external stimulus to get you through the boredom. You look around in the hope of seeing something entertaining and you notice two pilots walking down the concourse in the general direction of the boarding gates where you are waiting.

This Weeks Highlights...

This weeks highlights cover some of the negotiation skills we learnt, our brand new job board, new on the Digital Awards and more! Wow. Read on... 

C4DI Job Board Launches!

Hull's digital and tech community is seeing huge growth and is constantly on the hunt for top talent to power the next wave of growth, innovation and creativity. 

Being at the heart of the community we get a huge amount of requests asking us to help promote jobs in the sector. To help things along we've created a jobs board for our members (that's free to use) to post all their brilliant opportunities on.

Within just a few hours of our jobs board going live we've seen it rapidly become populated with jobs ranging from IT positions with our company members Humberside Fire and Rescue to job opportunities with innovative tech startups that are based in the C4DI. Not only is this a brilliant sign of our local tech sector flourishing it's a fantastic opportunity to promote and share opportunities in the region so please share and take a look! 

If you're a C4DI member and would like to post a local job for your startup / organisation please drop me an email with the jobs details on

Event summary: Negotiation Masterclass #1

Early on a Wednesday morning thirty delegates assembled to spend four hours learning about negotiation techniques from Bob Spence - an expert negotiator and sales expert.

Obviously it's tough to summarise four hours of training in a few words but here are some key learnings:

1. Environment Counts.

Creating the right environment is key to a successful negotiation. To generate this environment you need to prevent common barriers that often arise / are created. These barriers include creating a hostile / alpha type situation where a negotiator tries to assert authority (making it difficult to negotiate) and the subject unwilling to agree terms etc. Skilled negotiators are more successful when the appear as non-threatening and even submissive. 

2. Don't Haggle - it's a great way of highlighting you don't know what you're doing

3. Preparation counts! Prepare a deal so you know clearly what you are offering.

4. Listen. Use the four-second rule to pause and gain useful information.

5. Don't talk about price (in a B2B model) talk about value and quality.

6. Know your tools. A negotiation isn't merely a process - rather a bespoke combination of the right tools, some of which include things like relievers and concessions - designed to assist with the negotiation. Very little of negotiation training is about 'Closure'.

If you'd like to know more about negotiation sign up to our newsletter to find out when our next session will be. We will cover the concepts outlined above in more details.

Thanks to Bob for his time and sharing all his expertise - we can't wait for the next one!

Digital Awards Nominees Announced!

The digital awards is one of the regions most exciting and prestigious events for the digital and  tech sector. Find out the talented local companies that have been shortlisted by clicking here

Over 200 Hundred People sign up fo C4D Events!

Over two hundred members and non-members have signed up to C4DI events over the next few weeks!

We believe great events are crucial for learning, networking and becoming part of the community - make sure you check out our events page here. Don't miss out!

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