Bob Spence Reveals How To Sell SaaS In His Latest Seminar Programme

C4DI member, co-founder of business development solution 'Rainmaker PRO' and Associate of EVOLET Partners, Bob Spence is a business development trainer and coach, specialising in change management.

He is now delivering a five seminar programme for members who wish to learn more about how to sell Software as a Service.

The first session, which takes place on Thursday 23 May, asks the question: "Are you selling drills or selling holes?"

It focuses on the value of understanding what your customers are buying and what they value.

"The five seminars touch on nine models that are recognised as the mainstream methods of constructing a transaction," Bob explains.

"I specialise in going through those sales models and finding one that makes the most sense for you."

Bob Spence

Bob Spence

On Thursday 20 June, attendees will think about which sales model they are working to.

"Business success is based on profitable sales and a sales model is the steps and actions someone performs to create this sale," Bob tells us.

"The takeaway from this session is 'does your sales model allow you to be a 45-minute hero?"

Working all over the world, Bob's main passion is helping businesses and individuals improve their margins, as well as their strategic networking skills.

In the past, Bob was responsible for prisoner exchange as a negotiator for the South African Army. He has also trained extensively using Harvard-standard negotiation models.

Focusing on how businesses can make more profit from transactions, he supports them to interact with high net worth opportunities and teaches them how to put deals together, how to win clients and how to keep them.

Aaron Martin, CEO of C4DI-based software provider Arc Studios Ltd, has worked with Bob in the past to improve his sales:

"I cannot recommend attending a Bob Spence sales talk enough. His years of professional sales experience can help anyone build their sales plan and will identify any flaws in existing ones. He will show you how to turn potential clients into paying clients."

The dates of the first two Selling SaaS seminars are currently confirmed:

  1. Selling SaaS: Are you selling drills or selling holes? - Thursday 23 May 2019.

  2. Selling Saas: Which sales model are you working to? - Thursday 20 June 2019.

Please note, both of these sessions are open to C4DI members only.

However, if you do wish to come along as a non-member, you can attend as part of a taster day session. Please contact Louise Cooke our Community Manager for more information.

Light snacks and refreshments are provided. For any dietary requirements, please contact Jess Johnston our Events and Hospitality Manager