New partnership with Pipedrive


I'm delighted to announce a new partnership with Pipedrive! Pipedrive is for any organisation wanting amazing CRM software. We have been using it here at the C4DI for a couple of months and it has honestly transformed the way we work. Made by sales pros, for sales pros Pipedrive's roots are in direct sales. As sales managers and trainers, two of the co-founders experienced an increasing amount of pain with CRM software. There simply was no good solution for managing the company's sales pipeline.

So in 2010 they teamed up with talented developers to create Pipedrive, a simple and yet powerful tool for managing sales.

They have a very useful feature overview page here which I would encourage you to browse through.



The really good news is that C4DI members get a full 90 days free trial instead of the standard 30. This is another amazing benefit for members joining special deals with Twilio, Zapier, AWS, FreeAgent and more.