Hull to San Francisco - a chat with Leander Kahney



We are very lucky to have some interesting people call in on the C4DI Batphone (read Skype line) and last week was no exception.

Leander Kahney is the editor and publisher of Cult of Mac. He is the NYT bestselling author of Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products; Inside Steve’s Brain; Cult of Mac; and Cult of iPod. Leander has written for Wired, MacWeek, Scientific American, and The Guardian in London.

I was introduced to Leander via good friends in San Francisco, Joao and Jim. After a few emails we scheduled the call and had a very enjoyable hour chatting with Leander.

We covered all sorts of questions including Apple's current market position, their quite incredible quarter results announced last week and of course, the Apple watch and Apple Pay. We also covered home automation and the incoming launch of HomeKit. (I'm personally a big fan of Nest and what they are doing and was disappointed Apple didn't buy them).

We are going to be staying in touch with Leander and may well organise another session for members this year.