Health Tech Elevensies To Welcome The British Heart Foundation, YHAHSN and colleagues from NHS.

Do you know for sure if your heart is healthy?

Our next Elevensies event will focus on healthy hearts, how technology is being used across the region to innovate and give you a chance to check your blood pressure numbers.

Hosted by Pete Waddingham Programme Manager at Yorkshire and Humber AHSN, the mid-morning event aims to raise awareness of hypertension (high blood pressure) and irregular heart beats - also known as Atrial Fibrillation.

Yorkshire and Humber AHSN is one of the fifteen innovative health networks set up to create and harness a strong, purposeful partnership between patients, health services, industry and academia.

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“Our main aim is to make significant improvements in the health care system and assist in ensuring new innovative products and services that have the potential to transform lives become mainstream in the NHS,” Pete tells us.

Yorkshire and Humber AHSN is one of the largest in the UK, serving 5.8 million people, 30 hospital trusts and 770 GP practices.

Pete is currently working with the British Heart Foundation and conducting a project across Yorkshire and Humber on cardiovascular disease.

“The British Heart Foundation will be attending the event and are keen to find out about tech companies in the area, after recently hosting a Hackathon in London,” Pete tells us.

He will be bringing in a device for anyone who wants to check out their blood pressure and know if they have an irregular heartbeat.

“With this event, I want to get people to understand the importance of knowing their blood pressure numbers. I will be showing a smartphone ECG heart monitor that we are currently rolling out as part of a national programme.” he explains.

“Technology has the power to truly help us take control of our lives and learn more about our health. I’ve seen quite a few new uses of smartphones to monitor things like blood pressure - which is a major risk factor to heart attacks and strokes.”

Our Healthy Hearts Elevensies will take place on Thursday 21 March from 11am. For further information, please contact our events team