Email sanity is here with SaneBox


Email. Like it, loathe it, tolerate it, manage it, it is here to stay (as far as I can tell) and is something that we all use every day. Email overload is common phrase you hear time and time again and I admit to saying this on a number of occasions. It's no fun opening up your email client and see the emails literally squabbling for space as they pile in! A wonderful phrase I recently heard is that

"your inbox is a todo list which anyone has access to."

Not an ideal situation but so very true. Do you find yourself battling through the emails with more arriving? There are many strategies and hacks for managing your email like batch processing, not looking at emails until you do your MITs (Most Important Tasks) and only checking and replying to emails twice a day. You have to find something that works for you (and also for your clients).

However, something else I have recently found and started using is SaneBox. Our Chairman, Dave Keel originally mentioned it a while ago and I finally tried it a couple of months ago. Hallelujah! What a difference.

The main premise of SaneBox is:

"SaneBox determines the importance of each email based on your past interactions with your Inbox. It moves unimportant messages out of the Inbox into a new folder called SaneLater, and summarizes them in a digest email."

What arrives in your inbox is what you need to see and potentially act on. You can also train emails so they go to the inbox, or go to the SaneLater folder. You can turn on other folders too. Never want to see an email from a sender again? SaneBlackhole. Want to snooze an email to tomorrow or nest week? You can do that too.



When the email digest arrives (you can even configure how often you get these), you can check / scan emails in the SaneLater folder and even see which emails you've trained.

There are not many products / services which I rave about, but SaneBox is one of these I can heartily recommend.

The really good news is that the kind people at SaneBox (thanks Dmitri!) have given you lucky people $15 credit towards a SaneBox subscription. What are you waiting for? Give it a try for free, get $15 off and you will not be disappointed!