Demolition! (Updated with time-lapse video!)


It's all happening... demolition has started! (Scroll down for the time-lapse video!) After being in the C4DI beta for just over 12 months, it feels like another milestone. There is a huge amount of activity on the new C4DI site. not only has the dry dock been pumped out (it really was more like a wet dock for many years), the dock gates are being made watertight and the demolition of the old buildings on the site has started.

It really is the start of something amazing. We have an incredible opportunity in the future to grow the technology sector in the Humber region through the creation of and development of innovative startups. We hope you can join the amazing startup community.

We'll be posting up ongoing updates of the build, not only the C4DI, but also the surrounding area.

UPDATE! We now have some wonderful time-lapse footage - the last thirty seconds is where the action is!