David Watson Kicks Off First Creative Point INSPIRE Event

Last week, Creative Point hosted its first-ever INSPIRE talk at C4DI.

David Watson, currently Executive Director of External Affairs at National Museums Liverpool, and previously head of digital media for London 2012 Ceremonies and Hull UK City of Culture 2017, delivered an insightful talk on his experiences overseeing digital content and platforms at various organisations.

Creative Point was set up by three C4DI co-working members, Courtney Farrow, Tim Goodfellow and Matt Johnson, with the aim to bring together Hull's creative and digital communities.


Over the summer, we saw four free LEARN workshops take place in the building, inviting C4DI members and non-members to discover more about copywriting, podcasting and social media.

"It's great to see a place where the creative community can come together and share ideas and support one another," one of the attendees enthused on the launch day back in July.


David's talk was the first INSPIRE event and explored how to think digitally in arts and culture.

"Digital transformation is no longer an option - it's not a choice or an add-on," David exclaimed.

"You have to think digitally for all aspects of your business, whatever industry you're in, in order to not get left behind."

It was fantastic to hear some of the amazing projects David had worked on during his career.

While focusing largely on digital content and platforms used to promote live events and cultural experiences, he also stressed the need for every business to think digitally, whether you work in heritage or manufacturing.


Incredibly, David started his career as a dancer, later moving into the world of digital content creation.

Now, dance and digital may seem like worlds apart, but he explained how a lot of the skills he picked up on stage can be used on a daily basis in his current role - looking at things from a different perspective, thinking about your audience and user experience.

"David was an incredible guest speaker and such a joy to listen too," one of the attendees exclaimed after the talk.

"Amazing, inspiring and plenty of content to transfer to my freelance business," another told us.

We'll be welcoming back the Creative Point team, along with author Glenn Fisher, in October.

Glenn will be hosting the first INFORM talk and revealing his secrets to copywriting success, followed by University of Hull Lecturer Peter Andrews on Thursday 7 November, who'll be discussing influencer marketing.

Find out more on the Creative Point website.

Tickets for The Simple Secrets to Copywriting Success with Glenn Fisher are currently on sale - free for members and £5 for non-members.