Using Visualisation to Transform Team Communication

Using Visualisation to Transform Team Communication

Marketing specialist John Cant works independently to help start-up businesses with their initial establishment and early growth. We caught up with him in our hot-desk area to learn more about how he does it all, and which project he is focusing on at the moment.
“I’m currently working with a software start-up called Hubscope,” explains John. “It’s a visualisation application used by IT project teams that shows how people, requirements, services and technology interconnect.”

Employing a Local Intern to Drive Forward an International Project

Employing a Local Intern to Drive Forward an International Project

“I’m the kind of person who has a lot of ideas,” Neil Curtis confesses as we sit down in the C4DI hot-desk area. His company, CTOP Limited, reflects his creativity, acting as an umbrella for a vast variety of online projects. Running several affiliate websites, an e-commerce parenting business and even designing his own online course, Neil’s ideas have taken him very far. “You just need to give it a go and see how it pans out; I tend to find that most things work out if you’re serious about them”...

Adding a Splash of {sauce} to the Source

Adding a Splash of {sauce} to the Source

Sauce is a development team born out of the C4DI that comprises Matt Gibson, John Polling and Jim Wardlaw (pictured left to right). Together they work on web and app projects across a wide range of client sectors, bringing solutions to problems of all sizes. We met up with Matt to find out more about a current piece of work, which will help members of Hull University Union to make the most of their student journey.
“Hull University Union (HUU) want to improve  student engagement using a phone application,” explains Matt at their offices in C4DI. “We’ve been tasked with creating an app for WelcomeFest, which will allow the student population to access info on services available to them, view and plan events, and learn about the campus and city.”

Happy Goon Co-founder Tim Mutlow Joins the C4DI Community Following a Successful KickStarter Campaign

Happy Goon is an exciting startup that is based around high-quality greeting cards that you can buy online anytime, send them anywhere, and watch them come to life with the Happy Goon app.

Their Kickstarter Campaign was successfully funded and they have great plans in store.

Tim  moved to Hull in October 2015. He has a Masters of Engineering from Warwick University, 8 years  experience working for HSBC  in a wide variety of technology roles. Check out Happy Goon's website here

Change is coming

Change is coming

The local partners driving forward the regeneration of Hull’s Fruit Market have revealed their vision for the £80m transformation of the city’s cultural and creative quarter.

Regeneration company Wykeland Group and residential developer Beal Homes said the rejuvenation of the Fruit Market would see £70m of privately-funded development in Hull’s most significant urban regeneration project.

The two long-established Hull companies have formed a joint venture company, Wykeland Beal, to breathe new life into the Fruit Market, in partnership with Hull City Council.

Interactive film production by My Pockets



My Cardboard Bedroom is a new interactive film produced by C4Di based production company My Pockets.

The film was commissioned by Hull City Arts to encourage young people to get involved in creative activities in Hull.

My Pockets worked with a team of young people to devise, design, shoot and edit the film. They built a bedroom entirely from cardboard and created an interactive story where the viewer can make choices for the lead character, condemning her to a life of boredom or encouraging her to try something new.

The film was created on the new innovative Interlude platform and has been selected for its featured projects page alongside films for Coldplay, Coke and MTV.

Click here to watch ‘My Cardboard Bedroom’



HULL, 11th February 2016: Tech City UK, the UK government backed organisation tasked to accelerate the growth of digital businesses, along with innovation charity Nesta, today launch the Tech Nation 2016 report in partnership with core data partner, GrowthIntel. The most comprehensive analysis of the UK’s digital tech industries to date, Tech Nation 2016 underlines the economic importance of digital tech businesses, with the number of businesses in Hull growing by 24% between 2010 and 2014. Tech Nation 2016 found the digital tech economy has a strong impact on employment nationwide and is creating highly paid job opportunities, with 1.56 million people employed in the sector, including 6,070 in Hull.

"The New Normal" - an event for Bars, Hotels and Restaurants



The world's largest taxi company owns no taxis.The world's largest accommodation provider owns no property. The world's most valuable retailer owns no inventory. The world's largest movie house owns no cinemas.

The world is changing fast - don't get left behind.


We have unprecedented times in the city with a wave of confidence and opportunities: UK City of Culture 2017 coming round very quickly, Rough Guides featured Hull in the top ten global destinations in 2016 our thriving digital sector was highlighted in the top ten in the nation by the Tech Nation report.

This is an unmissable event for anyone in the hospitality sector. If you run a bar, hotel, restaurant or café, then this is for you.

Come along on Thursday 4th February at C4DI to learn to understand how technology is going to impact you (and how you can improve your business opportunities).

  • Get tips and tools to ensure you accelerate your business during these very exciting times in Hull
  • Learn from relevant case studies demonstrating the "how" and "why" plus the results achieved
  • Enjoy complimentary coffee ad breakfast provided by the wonderful new Nibble café which is on site at C4DI

We will be in the new C4DI theatre and there will be an opportunity for a tour too.

Our address is:

C4DI @TheDock 31-38 Queen Street Hull HU1 1UU

Tickets are free but limited.

To RSVP, just click the link below! We look forward to welcoming you!


The co-working experience in Hull's new digital hub

The co-working experience in Hull's new digital hub

With the nights getting longer and Christmas drawing nearer it's already been two incredible weeks since we moved into our beautiful new home. For those of you who haven't visited us already or aren't familiar with the world of the co-working I thought I would give you an insight into the experience inside Hull's new golden digital hub. Background

To begin with I'll start with a little bit about myself; I graduated from university last year and now work as a member in C4DI's team. Soon after graduating it became apparent to me that I really wanted to launch my own startup in the tech sector. As a philosophy graduate - I have had a lot to learn about business (and am still learning!). After doing a lot of research it became apparent to me that digital hubs were the place to be since they offered an environment most conducive for rapid learning, discovery, support and ultimately (hopefully), success.

Hackers, Hipsters and Hustlers - key business skills


Three things make up a startup, Hackers, Hipsters & Hustlers. Hustlers are the individuals that make connections and ultimately help grow your business. To help you learn the way of the Hustler we arranged a talk with Bob Spence, who kindly agreed to share some of the secrets of his success with us. Bob is a renowned author of ‘Executive Programme in Professional & Business Networking’ and creator of E-Learning programme ‘Who do I speak to next’. Not only has Bob enjoyed immense success generating revenues & prospects but he also understands the methods of how he achieved it, condensing it all into an easy to understand formula.

 “Succeeding in business is all about making connections” - Richard Branson 

Entrepreneurs, startups, companies looking to export, Management teams looking to source international partners & anyone who has the ideas but not the connections,  this talk is perfect for you.

Hackers, Hipsters & Hustlers was held on Thursday 19th November, but if you missed it (or would like to recap) you can catch it on our YouTube channel. We'll now be recording all of our talks  - now there are more ways to access our fantastic events and learn valuable business skills.

CipherSent launches


C4DI member David Ripper has been working on a very exciting project called "CipherSent". What has been really interesting is that other members have been involved and the project only happened with the help of the C4DI member team! We are seeing this happen more and more with people collaborating on client work and also startup ideas. So, what is Cipher Sent? Have a read below!

"Secure Matters Ltd, a software solutions company based at C4DI in Hull, has just released its first service. CipherSent makes secure file transfer simple. You can transfer sensitive data securely, simply, and quickly. To anyone, anywhere."

David Ripper, the founder of Secure Matters, explained that having worked with a few organisations that were struggling to make sure sensitive data was transferred securely he decided that there was a simpler way. “Existing solutions can be time consuming because there are a lot of manual steps in the process. They can also be insecure because either the manual process leaves room for error at different points, or because they’re relatively complex to use. This can lead to people ignoring the system because it’s too onerous.”

CipherSent makes the process simple by automating it as much as possible. People just login, upload the files to be transferred, and then enter the details of the recipients. Files are always encrypted from the moment they start uploading. Strong one time passwords are automatically generated and sent to the recipients via SMS. A link to the files is sent via email. Files are automatically restricted so only the recipients can access them, and they’re automatically deleted from the service after no more than 30 days.

Secure Matters has used local companies to help with the creation of the service. Fellow C4DI members have been commissioned to develop the service and design the web site. David says “It’s important to us to use local skills where we can. Keeping the supply chain local means we can work closely with our suppliers to deliver high quality services in a short timeframe. C4DI is a great environment to meet other startups and small companies involved in the technology sector. As a member we were able to easily access the right skills and experience to take CipherSent from an idea to a live service.”

If you want to learn more about CipherSent visit the website at, call them on 01482 240770, or drop them an email at hello at