Amazon Agency Creating Change For Young People With Goodwin Development Trust

Amazon agency Rising Sun Commerce is working with Goodwin Development Trust to offer young people aged 16-29 the chance to gain paid work experience in Hull's creative sector.

Established by C4DI members Neil Curtis and John Cant, Rising Sun helps Amazon sellers expand and break into the Japanese market.

Louise Worthington, Neil Curtis and John Cant

Louise Worthington, Neil Curtis and John Cant

The idea for Rising Sun was born within the four walls of the C4DI building:

"John was helping me set up my own Amazon Japan listings for my children's car accessories brand Kid Transit," explains Neil.

"After huge success, we came up with the idea of helping other businesses to market and sell products overseas."

Since then, the company has been shortlisted for 2018's Digital Awards as Best E-Commerce and has a growing client base, working with brands around the world.

Rising Sun is now part of the Create To Change project, a programme set up by the Goodwin Development Trust to help young people get the work experience they need to progress in their careers.

"From a small business and startup perspective, the programme is a great way to get someone new on board to help out with specific projects or areas. Meanwhile, we can help that person get some experience in the industry.”


Rising Sun has worked with the Trust for the past two years, offering placements to people who want to know more about the ecommerce world, as well as content marketing and market research.

Louise Worthington has been helping Neil and John to create content for the Rising Sun website, as well as research potential Amazon UK sellers who may wish to start selling in Japan. She signed up to Create To Change after completing an apprenticeship.

"I knew that I wanted to study marketing. However, getting a job in the industry is difficult as I had no experience whatsoever. The internship was a major lifeline for me," Louise tells us.

"The role is something I've never done before, but the challenge is really rewarding - especially when I learn something new."

Create To Change is a brilliant way for small businesses and startups to get an extra pair of hands without having to worry about tight budgets. The Goodwin Development Trust is funded to pay the intern for three months while they gain experience in your field.

According to Neil and John, the unique opportunity has allowed Rising Sun to grow:

"It's not feasible for us to take on an extra full-time employee at the moment, but the work Louise and our previous interns have carried out has been extremely valuable to us. We're also keen to show Louise the ropes of running your own business, as well as introduce her to members of the C4DI community who could help her further develop her skills and experience," Neil continues.

"C4DI has been very supportive and is always on hand should I need something," Louise adds.

"Everyone in the community is friendly and welcoming, and I felt at ease within the first week. It's great to be surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience."

You can discover more about Rising Sun Commerce here.

To find out more about Create To Change please visit the Goodwin Development Trust website.