Here’s The Exciting Lineup For This Year’s Digital Awards

Earlier this week, the finalists for the 2018 Digital Awards were revealed and we’re ecstatic to see so many members of the C4DI community recognised for their incredible achievements.

This year, the Awards received a record-breaking number of entries and nominations from over 100 different businesses and individuals in the local area.

On Monday, a panel of judges had the tricky task of narrowing down three finalists for each category.

“The amount of entries we received this year is staggering,” said Hull’s Digital Ambassador and C4DI Chair David Keel when speaking to event organisers Hull Daily Mail.

In particular, David and the rest of the panel were impressed with the number of young people doing great things in the digital industry:

“This city is a very exciting place to be at the moment if you are a digital business.”


Best Mobile App.

Best App - Sauce.png

1. Sauce/Ideal Boilers

2. Trade Chimp

3. Retain, by Global View Systems

Sauce’s recent work with Ideal Boilers has made the cut for the Best Mobile App category. Meanwhile, Trade Chimp - the job management app that helps small businesses stay organised - is also in final three.


Young Digital Person of the Year.

Young Person - Mattsmall3.JPG

1. Matt Wildbore

2. Jenni Harrison

3. Hayden Barton

Three C4DI members are in the running to be crowned Young Digital Person of the Year.

Director of Mattix Design Ltd Matt Widlbore - who was shortlisted for the same category at last year’s ceremony - has been recognised for his impressive client-base and stand-out web design and branding.

In the meantime, 22-year-old self-taught hardware expert Hayden Barton made the top trio thanks to his recent breakthrough creating the world’s smallest microcontroller.

Lastly, Jenni Harrison, Social Media Manager at eskimosoup has been acknowledged for her amazing work on a sexual exploitation prevention campaign that reaches out and actively engages young people on various social platforms.

“After years of working my butt off in the creative and tech industries, I’m deeply proud to be selected as a finalist. I share this achievement with my team,” Jenni tells us.

“This sector really does embrace its up-and-comings and those who want to innovate and succeed - I’ve found a home because of that.”

Best Digital Start-Up.

Best Start-Up Bloom Creativesmall4.png
  1. Good2Learn

  2. Bloom Creative

  3. Mattix Design Ltd


In the Best Digital Start-Up category, the C4DI community has outshone itself again.

Educational platform Good2Learn, which uses eye-catching videos to bridge the gap between classroom and home learning, has been shortlisted for the title.

On top of this, recently-rebranded Bloom Creative has also made it to the final. Founder Courtney Farrow works closely with the C4DI and some of the city’s most well-known names in tech to produce engaging digital content.

Mattix Design Ltd also bags a spot in this category, repeating their double-shortlist success from 2017’s event.

“There’s some awesome talent in the region and the Digital Awards highlights this. I would just like to say congratulations to all of those nominated,” Matt enthuses.


Best Use of Technology in Education.

Best Hardware - Hull Pixel Bottsmall2.jpg
  1. Hull Pixel Bot

  2. Ron Dearing UTC

  3. Serious Geo Games

Naturally, Ron Dearing UTC’s use of state-of-the-art technology to educate and inspire a new generation of digitally-savvy young people has been named as a contender in this category.

Rob Miles’ Hull Pixelbot project is in the running for Best Use of Technology in Education - the 3D-printed, low-cost bot provides an opportunity for children to grasp the basics of coding.

Best E-commerce.

Best E-Commerce - Rising Sunsmall6.jpeg
  1. Rising Sun Commerce.

  2. Turner Price.

  3. Matakki Scissors.

For the Best E-commerce category, Rising Sun Commerce, which is run by two Amazon Japan experts, is in with a chance of winning an Award.

Best Digital Innovation.

Best Digital Innovation - Moodbeamsmall7.jpeg


  1. Moodbeam

  2. APD Communications

  3. Sauce/Ideal Boilers

It’s not surprising to see Moodbeam in the lineup for Best Digital Innovation this year. The wearable allows users to track and visualise their moods in order to open up the conversation surrounding mental health.

C4DI Corporate Members APD Communications, who services almost 70% of the country’s police forces, has also been nominated in this category.

And, to top it off, Sauce and Ideal Boilers pop up again in this group for their smart heating application.  


Best Global Reach

Best Global Reach.jpg
  1. EFI Escada

  2. Helen Gill (Ansell Microgard Ltd)

  3. Chatta

The C4DI community is also represented in the Best Global Reach category by corrugated packaging specialists EFI Escada. With customers in over 30 countries, the company is currently working to expand its UK operations.

Best Hardware.

  1. Hull Pixelbot

  2. Nerdonic

  3. Moodbeam

Astoundingly, the Best Hardware category sees Hull Pixelbot, Hayden Barton and Moodbeam secure their second nomination for creating and developing wonderful pieces of technology that are set to transform the way we live, learn and interact with the world around us.


Best Emerging Technology.

Best Emerging Technology - Upstream Healthsmall5.jpeg
  1. Octovision Media

  2. Upstream Health

Drone specialists Octovision Media are celebrated in the Best Emerging Technology bracket for their never-before-seen images and 360˚ tours of the city.

Finally, Upstream Health - a platform that strives to improve the healthcare sector with a preventative focus - is naturally a well-deserving finalist.

It’s safe to say that the awards ceremony on Thursday 20 September is going to be a memorable night for the whole of the C4DI community, as well as the Humber region's wider digital scene.

To find out more information on tickets and times, please call 01482 315300.