DesignMeetup Launches This September

DesignMeetup is a place for creatives, businesses, freelancers and designers to connect, learn and succeed.

The event, which is co-organised by C4DI community members TH3 Design Ltd and Mattix Design Ltd, launches on Wednesday 19 September and promises to be an incredible evening of insightful talks and networking opportunities.

“We want to bring together a collective of people fascinated by design,” Matt Wildbore, Director of Mattix Design tells us.

“Our aim is to not only link designers with like-minded individuals, but to educate those in and outside of the industry, giving them a better understanding of the value of design.”

Matt explains that the event is for everyone, from designers to business owners, students and anyone who is interested in the topic.


What’s happening on Wednesday 19 September?

The first meetup welcomes Jake Welsh, the founder of award-winning design agency E3 Creative, as well as the C4DI community member and scientist Rob Lewis.

Manchester-based E3 has quickly become known for its cutting-edge and groundbreaking products, experiences and platforms, designing a range of web and mobile applications.

“E3’s attention to detail and forward thinking has allowed the team to gain a worldwide client following, including global brands like Sony, O2, Ascot, Hotel Football and Barclays,” Tom Hurt, Director of TH3 Design enthuses.

Meanwhile, Rob Lewis has over three decades of experience in the healthcare industry, now consulting for a wide range of clients across the world on innovation and product development. His talk will explore what innovation is, the science behind the consumer decision-making process and how design works at a subconscious level.

What can we expect from the DesignMeetup in the future?

“We’re already planning a number of events to take place every other month in the C4DI building. The DesignMeetup will cover a variety of design disciplines, from user experience and interface to print and graphic work,” Matt continues.

Keen to mix it up for every meet, Matt and Tom reveal that the event won't always follow the same format:

“Whilst our first one involves a traditional talk and networking session, our future events will involve interactive workshops, discussions and demonstrations - we’re eager to make the DesignMeetup as immersive as possible,” Tom adds.

You can find out more about the event and reserve your spot via the DesignMeetup website. Meanwhile, follow and use the hashtag #HullDesignMeetup to keep up to date with the meet.