Working Together to Construct a Better Future For Buildings, Cities and Spaces

Co-working members Ian Yeo, Scott Pilgrim and Stephen Dam are combining their expertise in property, digital innovation and construction to facilitate a new tech-driven approach to property development and management.


PROPIT aims to transform the UK’s property development industry, increasing building lifecycle efficiencies and investment transparencies.

The trio plan to work with other members of the C4DI community to create a smart platform that manages and maintains buildings, reducing project risks and lifecycle costs of built assets.

"Our vision is to build a more connected, healthier and happier world," enthuses Scott, Co-Founder of BIMsense and PROPIT.

Ian and Scott have already made waves in the construction industry, establishing the country's only multi award-winning estates-focused Building Information Modelling (BIM) consultancy, BIMsense.

BIM digitally constructs buildings before they are physically built, integrating various three-dimensional models and drawings from structural, mechanical and electrical engineers and architects.

The 3D-federated model is then used to populate important data fields relating to the building. This information can be used for minimising inevitable construction delays and budget overspends, as well as providing vital insight into how to manage and maintain buildings.

The company develop their own applications in-house, fusing them with BIM and digitising the construction process.

"Construction is the fourth biggest provider for our economy, yet it's the least productive and the second least digital sector after agriculture,” Scott points out.

“Disruption is inevitable and a $1.6 trillion a year global opportunity. By doing things more efficiently, the sector could build half of the world’s infrastructure every year without hiring a single additional person.”

Meanwhile, Stephen's passion for property has led him to set up Hull House Group, which manages and maintain homes, allowing anyone with as little as £1,000 to invest in a local property.

“Hull House Group’s tech-driven approach has not only improved tenant experience but given us a deeper understanding of how digitisation and automation can achieve greater investment yields,” Scott highlights.

By pooling together their skills and experience, the PROPIT team can now look at ways it can deliver innovative solutions to develop smart communities.

"The C4DI is a hotbed for talented, digitally-focused individuals and companies. We're already collaborating with many of our fellow members, such as hardware specialists, Internet of Things experts and Smart Cities enthusiasts," Scott adds.

“Our goal is to help develop and drive a smart city initiative, uniting C4DI members, partners and the local authorities to turn Hull into a leading smart city, powered by collaboration.”

To find out more, please visit the BIMsense website.