A Successful Launch for Good2Learn

C4DI startup bridges the gap between classroom and home learning by embracing the power of digital.

Good2Learn is the brainchild of Paul Mandalia, who has worked closely with several members of C4DI to develop and create a series of curriculum-based video lessons. These short, bite-sized clips are integrated into an online platform that allows children to complete exercises, track their progress and gain rewards.  

The platform, which went live at the end of last month, is a brilliant example of how the education sector is being transformed by digital technology. It also demonstrates the incredible potential of community collaboration.

We spoke with Paul to discover more about the site and what’s next for the Good2Learn team.


Why did you decide to create Good2Learn?

We noticed the frustration of children and their parents when it came to completing homework tasks.

A lot of modern methods and requirements have changed since mums and dads were at school and this leads to either the parents not being able to understand the homework, or teaching the kids a different way to what they are taught by their teachers. It just leads to confusion and isn’t helping the next generation to progress.

With Good2Learn, every lesson is written and designed by trained educationalists. Our engaging presenters and talented film crew develop these lessons for the screen, adding vibrant animations and visual aids to help reinforce the key points of the lesson.


Why did you decide to go down the digital route, rather than use a more traditional method?


With digital technology, there is greater scope to ensure that children are engaging with school subjects and gaining a better learning experience. Having the lessons available at their fingertips makes it easier for them to digest and understand the information in an enjoyable way.

Our beta version demonstrated that pupils loved using our educational platform because they could access it on their tablets and mobile phones, as well as laptops. Nowadays, both children and adults access entertainment and information on their mobile devices, so it’s a natural choice to ensure Good2Learn was mobile-first.

Good2Learn’s digital approach also makes it a lot easier for parents. They no longer need to worry about marking exercises or missing out on valuable information regarding their child’s progress.

Going digital also provides us with a chance to capture data and instantly update parents on their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

All of the lessons and exercises are completely in line with the National Curriculum Framework, so it takes away the guesswork for parents who want to support their child’s learning without clashing with school.

In short, the digital route has allowed us to make much more of an impact. We’re continuously innovating the way in which children can interact with their own learning. This has allowed us to win NewTek’s National EdTech Award for Digital E-Learning 2018.


What’s next for Good2Learn?


We recently held our first public event for parents and children right here at C4DI. It was a huge success and concluded with all of the parents subscribing their families.. We’re already planning our next event, so watch this space!

We’ve also teamed up with Fusion Fostering, a national foster care agency. We are proud to be making a positive difference for around 200 children in care across the country.

So far, we’re overwhelmed by the positive feedback from families, as well as impressed by some of the results coming in from children. Currently, we’re supporting those aged 7 to 12 years old but we are in the process of expanding our service to suit those up to 14 years old.

It’s an exciting time for the whole team!

To discover more about Good2Learn and find out how to subscribe head over to www.good2learn.com. Parents can take advantage of Good2Learn’s 50% off launch offer, which gives you access to both maths and English lessons for only £9.99 for up to a family of three children.