How Video Content Can Boost Your Business

Specialising in videography and photography, digital content creator Luke Thornton produces compelling visual media that showcases businesses of all shapes and sizes. Luke will also be running a free public speaking workshop for members on the 25th April.

We caught up with the camera wizard to find out how quality video content is key if you want to attract new customers and clients.

“Video content takes your brand to the next level,” Luke explains. “A high-standard short film can give potential customers a real insight into what your business is all about.”


Luke has worked with leading housing developers, national companies and international holiday providers, as well as some C4DI startups, to craft captivating visual media that tells the story of their brand.

One of his current projects is with My Magic Holiday, a travel company that provides enchanting holiday packages to Disney resorts across the globe.

“Luke Thornton Media is a one-stop shop. We do everything from the initial storyboard and content planning to the final cut,” Luke tells us. “On top of this, we also manage and optimise social media channels and provide stunning photography that can further boost your brand.”

“Short videos that can be viewed and shared on social media are more interactive than, say, a blog or a text post. Whilst written content is a very valuable tool for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as well as allowing customers to delve deeper into your business, video content has a lower barrier to entry,” he continues. “What I mean by this is that the audience doesn’t have to do much to enjoy the content - simply sit back and watch.”


In an age where convenience is king, Luke certainly has a strong point.

Who would want to read through a page of text when you can watch a visually-pleasing video?

“Physically being able to see what a business is like, their vibe and culture can quickly convince you to buy or invest in that brand.”

But, what things do we need to consider before jumping into the world of video content?

“My first tip would be to keep it real. Fly-on-the-wall footage is a great way of conveying what your brand is like. People are more likely to trust a shot in this style than someone directly talking to the camera about how awesome their business is,” Luke advises.

Secondly, he points out that having a plan is essential. Outline how you want the video to look, what you want the message to be and what equipment you may need to accomplish this:

“There’s no point in going into something when you don’t have a direction.”


A bonus tip is to be engaging in front of the camera, which is easier said than done, of course:

“If someone is a little nervous to go in front of the camera, I can coach them so they can speak clearly with confidence.”

Lastly, make sure that your video entices your audience. Will it interrupt someone scrolling through their social media feeds?

“A great intro can grab your audience’s attention. Be creative, take close up shots of your products and don’t be afraid to be a bit fun and quirky.”

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You can find out more about Luke Thornton’s work on the Luke Thornton Media website.