MindBoost Learning is Reshaping Digital Training

MindBoost Learning is paving the way for digital training in the catering industry. We spoke with Director Caleb Foster to find out more...

Great to chat with you, Caleb. Can you explain what MindBoost Learning is?

We provide cost-effective, engaging courses aimed at young people and small businesses in the catering industry that want to become and stay certified quickly and easily.

The courses are available on any device, so users can access CPD-certified and City & Guilds-commended qualifications from the comfort of their own homes - quite literally from their sofas if they so wish!

It’s mainly for people aged 14-16 who are just starting out in the hospitality sector, but we also have some employability courses on leadership, safeguarding, data protection and diversity and inclusion.


How can this sort of learning change the catering industry?

Traditionally, courses like Food Hygiene and Health and Safety frequently take several hours to complete, with many members of staff dreading having to sit through the long explainer videos and slideshows on topics they already know well. These types of courses are unengaging and most companies charge each time you need to refresh, which is every three years in most cases.

MindBoost recognised the need for quick, efficient and straightforward training opportunities. We have almost two decades of experience in professional learning, as well as in the hospitality industry, so we created a platform that provides compliance training in a fun and friendly way.

You can complete your training at your own pace, by either watching the explainer videos or jumping straight ahead to the quiz if you know the topic inside out.

What also sets us apart from the rest is that you only need to pay once per course and you can renew your certifications for the rest of your life for free. That’s a game-changer for everyone in the catering industry, especially small businesses.


Why do you think it’s important for us to embrace digital when it comes to education and training?

Nowadays, most people access information on their phones and mobile devices. If you’re not delivering a mobile-friendly platform to your users, you’re definitely behind the curve.

Everyone is time-pressured, too. No one wants to sit for three or more hours watching boring videos and slideshows on topics they already know inside-out. With MindBoost, the learning is at your fingertips and you have the ability to jump straight to the quiz.

My wife, who owns a coffee shop, recently completed her latest certificate on the MindBoost site, all whilst sat at home. It only took her fifteen minutes and she printed off her certificate from her mobile, too. We also provide digital badges for businesses and individuals with websites.


What do you think the future holds for digital education and training?

In the future, who knows the possibilities? Wouldn’t it be great if we could train someone up on a coffee machine using Augmented Reality? 

If you’d like to find out more about MindBoost Learning, head over to their website.