How GDPR is an Opportunity for the Tech Industry 

GDPR seems to be the acronym on everybody’s lips. Michael Curran is presenting C4DI members with a unique opportunity he believes they must seize. 

The General Data Protection Regulation is the European Union’s response to modern technology outstripping Privacy regulation. The EU has introduced these new laws in order to protect the rights of its citizens. Companies of all shapes and sizes must demonstrate that it is the people, not them, that own data.

Whilst this is an excellent thing for those that live in the EU, with the Friday 25 May deadline looming, companies are getting more anxious to comply and avoid hefty fines and sanctions. 

Michael is hosting an event on 22nd Febuary focusing on how the new regulation can mean valuable business leads for tech companies and developers. 

Michael has over two decades of experience in the Financial Services industry, where good Data Protection and Privacy practice have been a ‘must’ for a long time. He is also a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource. Michael, like many of the members of the IAPP, is committed to regular certification and continuous development in privacy.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about GDPR and how it impacts members of C4DI?
There are scare stories across the internet and social media about large fines and sanctions that apply under GDPR. I don’t want this event to turn into another one of them. The truth is, for most companies that already comply with the Data Protection Act, the new regulation is evolution, not revolution.

There are some fundamental new rights under GDPR. The right to portability, for example, requires companies to rethink how they gather, use and manage data. 

There are some real opportunities to advance solutions that streamline firms’ existing operational processes. 

It’s important to remember that GDPR affects firms of all sizes and that tools for both SMEs and large enterprises are going to be needed. 

How can developers see GDPR as an opportunity?
It’s simple, the answers to these problems are mostly technical. Tech companies have a real chance to benefit from some of the tighter controls around International Data Transfers; they need to be looking at how they can add value to their customers’ GDPR problems.  

I believe that C4DI is just place for this type of innovation. Businesses are going to need access to Artificial Intelligence and Data and Application enterprise. Evidencing that they have thought about and understand some of the technical issues that GDPR poses can help C4DI members to stand out from the rest. 

My full research, of course, can be understood further at the event. 

Lastly, why should people come along to this GDPR talk?
This talk is not a dry discussion about the regulations.  This won’t be a "12 steps to GDPR compliance" talk! Of course, if people want to know and gain a deeper understanding, I’d be happy to go over the basics. 

However, I am focusing on the opportunity of GDPR. I am excited by the potential of tech, but I am passionate about privacy. Good tech, good data and good privacy are not mutually exclusive.

You can attend Michael's event  'GDPR - The Disruptors Friend' on the 22nd Feb by RSVP'ing below.