Businesses need to innovate to survive and grow

What challenges do businesses face in 2018 and beyond?

Rob Lewis has over three decades of experience in corporate innovation. Collaborating with yesyesBD, an advertising and creative communications company, he has co-developed Edenic Group. The team supports companies in addressing three key challenges that many businesses face today.

We spoke with Rob to find out more about the Group and how both startups and corporate firms can stay ahead of the game in their industries.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit more about Edenic Group?

We created our service to help clients innovate. As a team, we’ve had lots of diverse experience in innovation at both large and small companies. Andrew Wooton and I have technical backgrounds in science, IT and digital, whilst Wayne Willis and Jamie Del Grosso come from creative and musical backgrounds. Collectively, we all know the consumer inside out. We all have a wide breadth of experience and compliment each other extremely well. This is vital as great innovation needs great stimulus and insight, which comes from people with different mindsets and backgrounds.

We have combined this with a track record of delivery on innovation to build Edenic Group.

Why is this important for businesses right now?

All businesses need to innovate to survive and grow. This has always been true, but it’s even more crucial nowadays. There are many overused examples of how businesses have been disrupted, such as Airbnb, Uber and Rightmove. These all serve as reminder of why companies must diversify and introduce new ways of doing things. Digital is often at the heart of these disruptions because it allows things to be done differently.

We’ve seen so many fantastic businesses, such as Fitbit, 23&Me and Dollar Shave Club, grow from nothing. One thing is for sure, we’re going to see more and more examples of this.

Edenic Group’s process is about seizing these opportunities by addressing three things that are challenges for all companies today. We call this the three Ds:

Be DISRUPTIVE. Our process helps you think disruptively and about how you could innovate in imaginative and consumer-relevant ways.

Embrace DIGITAL. Edenic Group has a framework that enables you to look at opportunities in new ways that all can leverage digital technology.

Think DIFFERENTLY. All companies employ certain types of people. This is a strength in day-to-day operations.  But, it can mean fresh thinking is in short supply. We bring a new perspective to help you think differently thanks to our wide network of people.

How have you applied the ‘three Ds’ to your own projects and businesses?

Our process comes from our experience in corporate innovation, where we used these principles successfully to add value to our pipelines. Thinking differently, being digital and disruptive has massively helped with every project we’ve worked on. We also see how companies who use these principles have grown their businesses. Our LinkedIn profile and Instagram showcases some of these stories.


Do you think Edenic innovation helps both small startups and large corporations?

Since forming Edenic Group, we’ve run projects for a number of clients ranging from large corporations to startups. We’ve found it works for any scale of business and any type of product, whether this is physical, digital, or a service. We’ve run projects for our friends in C4DI and we’ve used colleagues in the building to bring digital expertise and different thinking to projects.


To discover more about Edenic Group, check out their website or email Rob at