Octovision Media featured in latest Humber Street Gallery Exhibition

Chris Fenton, C4DI member and Director of Octovision Media, has collaborated with Hull-based photographer Leo Francis to create a brand new photographic exhibition.

Big Picture opens this weekend at Humber Street Gallery and celebrates the passion and spirit of the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 Volunteers.

Various vibrant images capture the energy, pride and enthusiasm that the volunteers continuously spread throughout the city’s year in the spotlight.

“Leo shot the ground images, whilst I documented the process involved through aerial photography and film,” Chris tells us.

The collection, which highlights some of Hull’s most prominent landmarks, is accompanied by Julia Vogl’s Grains of Scandalous Blue.

Vogl’s immersive work takes a closer look at the blue coats as individuals and as a collective. Visitors are able to take on the attire of a volunteer and see just how much time each person dedicated to hundreds of events across the region. Meanwhile, they are also able to gain a deeper understanding of how the volunteers feel about their impact.

“I’ve chosen sand because it’s the classic symbol of time. When I spoke with the volunteers, I truly felt their pride. These people have contributed hundreds of thousands of hours between them and I wanted to show this through my work,” Julia told us when we spoke with her. 

Using the power of drone technology, Chris has been able to build Octovision Media into a successful company that provides a wide variety of clients a range of innovative services.

“A lot of preparation work goes into taking aerial images with a drone, especially in congested areas,” Chris reveals. “For example, permissions need to be sought from all parties involves, as well as the landowner for us to take off and land.”

However, this is not the only Hull City of Culture project Chris has been involved in. He proudly filmed the In With A Bang fireworks display that memorably kicked off 2017. The iconic film has been used to promote Hull on multiple platforms, including BBC One’s Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire).

“The arts is definitely an area I want to personally explore. Last year, I sold over 450 calendars featuring my work on. I just love showing Hull from an unusual perspective, whether this is in video or image format.”

Big Picture is a prime example of how the arts and technology can be combined to create something visually and culturally incredible.

You can see Big Picture and Grains of Scandalous Blue at Humber Street Gallery until Sunday 25 February. For more information, please visit the Hull 2017 website. Meanwhile, to see Chris’ other work, click on the links below.