When Google’s Digital Garage Met the 1st Hull Marketing Meetup

What better way to start off a series of marketing meetups than to get the superpower that is Google involved? That’s exactly what John Gilbert did when he began organising Hull’s Marketing Meetups, getting Becky Boyd, a Google Digital trainer in to talk to us about all things SEO, Social media and analytics.

The event was packed, so packed that it couldn’t be held within the walls of C4DI, so Jess and Dee had the glorious task of transporting all the food, beverages and chairs up to the top floor of the inventively named “Building C” in order for the meet up to commence.

After introductions from Dee and John, Becky kicked things off by talking to delegates about of the importance of maintaining a social media presence, even if you don’t feel like it makes much of a difference, urging you to future proof your business by getting it on social:

 “Today’s fifteen-year olds think everything exists through social. If they can’t find you on Facebook or Twitter, then to them, you don’t exist.” In five to ten years’ time, those guys are going to make up a large percentage of the UK consumer base, so she does have a point.

The importance of good SEO was discussed and delegates were shown some simple and effective ways to get businesses noticed by Google. We took a dip into the world of analytics and were encouraged by Becky to take a deeper dive into this in our own time.

The meet-up highlighted effective ways of improving online presence and getting your name and our voice out there. The event was highly informative and information was easy to understand- the bonus part of it being that delegates were directed to a wealth of free resources to help them upskill in their own time.

Organiser John is looking forward to future events and has been taking suggestions and ideas from delegates as to what the next meet-up should be made up of.

“The event was really well attended by people from all types of backgrounds at various stages in their careers.  It’s a good platform to build on for future events that people want to come to.

One of the main takeaways for me was that delegates approached me afterwards with suggestions and ideas for future meet-ups. I’m taking their ideas on board and am looking forward to making future events something we can all do together.”