Digitull Wins Best Use of Technology within Education at Hull Digital Awards

Earlier this month, the Hull Digital Awards saw many of our members rewarded for their dedication to innovation within our city’s thriving tech industry.

Digitull is just one of those well-deserving winners. The exciting project is a collaboration between Hull Children’s University, Hull UK City of Culture 2017 and C4DI member, Forward Thinker.

The online platform allows pupils from schools across the city to upload their creative work so it can be viewed by their fellow classmates and the general public.

We caught up with Guy Wallace, Director of Forward Thinker, and Natasha Banke, Director of Hull Children’s University, to find out how they’re feeling after winning the Best Use of Technology within Education category.


Firstly, congratulations on winning a Hull Digital Award!

Guy Wallace: We are absolutely delighted for Digitull to win against such a high level of competition and some amazing individuals. For us, the award is also testament to the hard work and amazing creativity from the schools and pupils during 2017 - Hull has a bright future ahead!

For me, Hull Digital Awards is one of the highlights of the year; both professionally and socially - what an event to be a part of.

It is the one night where the city’s brightest come together to celebrate each other’s achievements. A marquee packed with energy, creativity and inspirational ideas, where black ties are replaced by skinny jeans and polite applause gives way to cheering, heckling and a lot of laughter.

Natasha Banke: We are thrilled to win the Best Use of Technology within Education category.

Guy was the tech mastermind behind the platform. We also had financial support from the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 No Limits education programme. And, with Hull Children’s University’s connections to local schools, we were able to make the platform a reality. 


For those who don’t already know, can you tell us a bit more about Digitull?

Natasha: Digitull has been amazing for allowing us to show off creative work made by children from Hull and East Yorkshire. The quality of the content is incredible and it is great to share with the world what the children are getting up to during 2017.

Guy: It’s about finding out what Hull means to them. It’s vital to understand that every young person has a different view of the place they call home. Digitull provides a great opportunity to express themselves and their view of the city.

Not only does Digitull bestow young people with a sense of empowerment, it also invites parents and carers to engage with what the children are working on.


And, nine months after the platform launching, how has it been received?

Guy: There are currently over 100 schools and 24,000+ children using it. Over 20,000 pieces of work have been created, including poems, videos, artwork and photographs of the city. It’s been great to document what is happening in schools across the city.

You can find out more on the Digitull website: https://digitull.co.uk.