Gauri joins the C4DI community


Today the C4DI Community met its newest members, Gauri. The team explained to us that 1) explaining what exactly it is that Gauri do is erm… complicated, but 2) it boils down to "we provide business solutions." Personally, Gauri, I feel you're being a little modest. Let me explain further. 
Gauri are accredited SAP partners who provide business solutions, simple or complex to a large and extremely diverse range of global clients, including the likes of Siemens, Arco and the Big Lottery Fund. 
They have a whopping 95% customer retention rate and are a recognised leader in technology, sales, service and marketing solutions. They pride themselves on putting people first and combine over 10 years of experience and expertise with a set of values which are hard to argue with: Trust, Conviction, Respect, Integrity and Passion. I'm sure you'll agree they're going to fit in well here.
When it comes to the C4DI community, Gauri are willing to give as much as they get, saying, "We are looking to engage with the community to expand our expertise in some areas, while offering our services to address business challenges in the areas of our specialisation.”
So, Gauri, it was great to meet you and we can't wait to see what the future brings for you. Here's to innovation, collaboration and new partnerships- welcome to the community, Gauri!