C4DI​ panel is shaping Hull's Digital Future

Photo Courtesy of Mark Kensett - www.markkensett.com

Photo Courtesy of Mark Kensett - www.markkensett.com

After an incredible year of City of Culture and with only a few months of 2017 left our collective gaze should be starting to shift toward the future with the aim of answering one single question: What will Hull's post City of Culture future look like?

With jobs being created every month via Hull's digital & tech community and tremendous growth in the sector we have a renewed, flourishing identity that we should be proud of. An identity and purpose which we can look at to help define what a post City of Culture, Hull will look like.

With this in mind, our panel formed late on Wednesday evening to discuss what key resources and challenges we have that will shape our digital future. Some of the resources highlighted by the panel included; our tremendous connectivity, proximity to water and even the presence of global corporate giants like Siemens and RB. On the challenges side some of the points highlighted included; poor transport infrastructure and poor average health which present opportunities to generate solution via the organisations, talent and technology in our tech community.

The next meeting will focus on how the digital and tech sector can support and generate opportunities around our local resources & challenges.

If you are in the C4DI Community and would like to be a part of the panel drop me an email on dr@c4di.net The next meeting will be Wednesday 23rd, 5pm @ C4DI.