Med Student turned Entrepreneur reveals the secrets behind his startup success


At C4DI we're big on learning so we asked James Gupta, co-founder of Synap - a crowd sourced learning platform that raised 200K in crowdfunding and received a 1.2m valuation after getting more than 15K downloads in 1 day to come in and share how he did it.

What is Synap?

Synap helps students to create, practice and share Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs) that use advanced Spaced Repetition algorithms, a powerful memory technique that prioritises the questions you see regularly, based on how well you perform in different topics.

Here are a few things we learnt:

Robert Marsh, a software developer and recent post grad was taken aback by how James taught himself everything (including coding) to run a startup  

“I came away feeling inspired that with enough work, any startup could evolve into a successful business venture.”

Paul Mandalia, Founder of education startup Good2Learn, found the advice on finances and crowdfunding especially valuable since he feels a lot of startups struggle with finance:

“Learning about his staged and targeted Crowd Cube funding strategy was invaluable for me - it was reassuring to see his successful journey through the early stages of raising money.

Steve Axiotes, Digital Creative & Serial Entrepreneur was interested in his business strategy;

"I found the iterative thinking behind taking a tiny dorm-room project into a global business that attracted revenue streams & significant partners very useful to apply in my own ideas"

Dileepa Ranawake, Community Manager at C4DI with a passion for tech and startups said:

“I found it interesting how Jame's tackled the development of his startup - adopting a product first, business model second approach. I don't think it would work in every situation but good to hear how James approached it.”

Ultimately the insights at the Startup Stories event were useful to a broad range of individuals - ranging from entrepreneurs to students. If you couldn't make it have a chat with those who came and make sure you signup to our newsletter to hear about the next one.

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