How Precision Hydration are innovating sports drinks

Sweat Test machine-1.jpg

The team at Precision Hydration understand that everyone loses different amounts of sodium and micronutrients during exercise, and that the amount lost can also change depending on the sport, leading to dehydration and under-performance.

They combat this by providing innovative tailored sports drinks, working directly with a long list of Premier League, Aviva Rugby, NFL, NBA and MLB teams - including new client Hull City FC - as well as selling their range of multi-strength electrolytes directly to endurance athletes online.

By performing an in-depth analysis of athletes’ sweat samples, using specialised patches to measure the content of the sweat, they can identify how much sodium is lost during sport; in turn allowing them to provide sports drinks with tailored micronutrients to to ensure athletes are at the top of their game.

Why C4DI?

Precision Hydration’s Marketing Director Dave Colley is working with the C4DI community to produce a new free online Sweat Test. The test’s unique algorithm-driven UX and landing page was designed by Neil Gibson of NG Design and developed by Jar Half Full's Tim Mutlow.

"It's really useful being surrounded by talented people who can help you out.” Dave explains, “We're a five man business without design/dev skills in house, so the C4DI community really helps us get stuff done faster! Neil and Tim did a great job on an important part of our eCommerce platform."

Visit if you think a custom hydration strategy can help you reach the top of your sport, or come to a C4DI taster day to see what collaboration opportunities Hull’s digital & tech community can provide!