Award-winning developers Sauce to expand their team following continuing success

App & software development company Sauce was born out of the C4DI co-working at the start of 2016, and have seen rapid and continuing success in their first year of business. Establishing themselves as a highly regarded development agency with clients such as Siemens and Ideal Boilers, Sauce are now looking to expand their team so they can continue to grow.

Matt Gibson, Jim Wardlaw and John Polling, the 3 founding members of Sauce.

Matt Gibson, Jim Wardlaw and John Polling, the 3 founding members of Sauce.

Sauce have grown from a team of 3 co-workers to an award-winning development company, providing a variety of api driven web/mobile apps for many industries, such as their mobile app for Hull University Union’s Welcomefest. The app down incredibly well with it’s audience and resulted in Sauce winning the award for Best Mobile App at the 2016 Digital Awards, just months after founding the company.

To meet the demands of their growing clientbase, Sauce are looking to take on a new team member: “In January we brought in a partner to the business to help with the increasing workload, however we are looking to hire our first employee as we still feel we need a larger team.” explains Matt Gibson.

“At Sauce, we feel personal development and being involved in the community is crucial. Attending talks, meetups and sharing ideas with a community is just as important as getting the job done, and being at C4DI means we’re situated in the best place for doing just that.”

If you’re a developer and think you’d fit right in with the team at Sauce, contact for the full job description. You can also become a member of the co-working community at C4DI, just contact and see how our community can help grow your business!