Rob Miles - An evening of robots and bad poetry

Rob Miles has over thirty years of experience teaching programming, writing games, being involved commercial projects (including work on the Humber Bridge toll system), being an author on various books and being a Microsoft MVP for the last 13 years. When he's not busy working on one of the above, Rob is also the host of the Hardware Meetups at C4DI, where the HullPixelbots, little Arduino-powered robots, get developed.

Every year he does something quirky and fun for Red Nose Day, with this year being no exception! Rob will host a lecture done entirely in rhyme, something he has done many times before: "I did my first lecture in rhyme in the 1980s. It was about Computer Networks and featured 'The Song of the Seven Layers'. Since then I've done most of the Red Nose Day events; the last time was in 2015 when I talked about writing computer games."

However this year he is breaking "one of the immutable laws of showbiz: Never work with children, animals or robots." by being accompanied by a parade of dancing HullPixelbots. You can check out the bots practicing their routine below...

"I do the lectures because I enjoy the challenge and because I like the idea of doing some good while having fun." Rob explains when asked about the Red Nose Day events.

"People can expect some horrible puns, bad rhymes, the chance to control a robot or two. No technical knowledge required, perhaps some singing though. And I'm definitely going to take away all your money."

You can sponsor Rob here, and make sure to head over to the Large Lecture Theatre in the Applied Science 3 building on the Hull University campus to catch the lecture at 7pm! (You can find a map of the campus here.)