Vote for My Pockets' project in the People's Projects Competition!

Peter Snelling is the founder of My Pockets, a multi-award winning production company based at the C4DI, who make "innovative and heartfelt films, digital campaigns and social art projects."

One of their latest projects, ‘Days That Made Us’, is a project based in Hull that tackles loneliness and isolation in older people by inspiring them to share the stories of there lives. 

"We challenge people to choose, describe and share the one day of their life that made them who they are.  It is an amazing project that creates lots of fun, happiness and some amazing stories." Peter explains, "It would be great for a Hull win particularly as the project is about improving lives through digital creativity."

It has been nationally recognised and nominated in the People's Projects competition, making it into the final 5 projects alongside 2 other projects from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire!

Voting closes on Monday, so if you have 2 minutes spare, go and read more about the project and vote to get 'Days That Made Us' into the final of the competition!

Click the following link to head to the voting page and watch a short film about the project -

Thank you and good luck to My Pockets!