Sarah Louise Davies lands Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Award nomination

Sarah Louise Davies has built a wide portfolio of talents through working in theatre and the arts, but joined C4DI to work in and amongst forward thinking people in community as a Hull based Creative Director, facilitator and independent practitioner. She designs and leads tailored live and practical sessions, live cultural events, playful interventions, facilitates workshops, presents and generates creative thinking.

Sarah's creative work has resulted in her being nominated and shortlisted for the 2017 Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Awards (REYTA) as a finalist for Remarkable Passion for Culture & Arts.

The REYTA awards were created by Visit Hull & East Yorkshire (VHEY), and now in its eighth year, the REYTA’s are an annual celebration of Hull and East Yorkshire’s tourism industry; recognising the quality of businesses, individuals and the contribution they make to our area’s visitor economy.

The innovation work ARTSFEST "Discover More. Be Inspired" series she pioneered and founded for award-winning charity Castaway Goole "believing in transformative power of the arts" landed her the award nomination, where she ran the project as Artistic Director. As well as this particular project, it's been her continued work with creative organisations bringing new, fresh and innovative live experiences of many disciplines to their area/space that highlighted the quality of her creative work for the region.

Jo Glover, Director at Castaway Goole, explains what working with Sarah brought to their project: “Sarah is an artistic force. The range, energy and quality of the work she delivered was astonishing. Her joy in directing was palpable. Exceptional - innovative, challenging and very effective.”   

Winners will be announced at an Awards Ceremony at Bridlington Spa on Thursday 30th March 2017, we're wishing Sarah the best of luck! In the meantime, check out her website at and see if she can bring a creative spark to your business!