A Special Visit from St. George’s Primary School

C4DI welcomed a group of excitable Year 6 children through its doors this week to try out an exciting online learning platform that is currently being developed by educational startup Good2Learn.

The ten and eleven-year-olds arrived on Wednesday afternoon and spent time with the Good2Learn team to take a closer look at their curriculum-based lessons.

Founder Paul Mandalia came up with the idea for an easily-accessible digital platform for school-aged children as he saw a growing need to bridge the gap between learning in the classroom and at home. The product, which is set to launch early next year, is aimed at parents who are keen to enhance their child’s learning, yet struggle to do so in a meaningful way that fully aligns with the current national curriculum.

Good2Learn provides bite-sized explainer videos, as well as offering wider support to its young users. A short video is followed by an interactive exercise that children can complete. The programme also tracks progress and rewards pupils on their achievements.

The C4DI community has been at the heart of the project from the very beginning. Rich Bates of thinksouthpaw and Ryan Cole of Proxima Creative have been dedicated to filming and producing the video content that will be available to parents in 2018. And, you may even recognise some familiar faces presenting the lessons…

Presenter Dee

St. George’s Primary School is the first school to sample the Good2Learn lessons and they certainly didn’t hold back when asked for feedback.

“It really couldn’t have gone any better,” Paul enthuses. “For us, this was a huge milestone and it was a fantastic, eye-opening afternoon.”

Presenter Luke

The response from the young students was overwhelmingly positive, with many of them finding the lessons simple and just the right length to digest.

“We all know that kids can often be brutally honest, so I was a little nervous to hear what they had to say. But, it was amazing to see them so engrossed in the lessons and the group gave really mature feedback about how we could improve, such as extra videos for trickier topics.”

The two teachers that accompanied the group on the day were also impressed with the startup. Both complemented the team on the preciseness of the lessons and the captivating animations. In a world where children are relying more on mobile devices to access information and entertainment, the pair recognised the need for an innovative and engaging platform like Good2Learn.

“We now have a large number of schools spanning across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire that are keen to know more about the project,” Paul tells us. “We want to continue to build relationships with schools, as we believe a partnership with them and the parents will help the next generation reach their full potential.”

The children also enjoyed a special tour of the upper floors of the building, including VIP access to the upstairs boardroom that overlooks The Deep and Humber Estuary.


“The kids loved pretending to be CEOs and executives, it was lovely to see them get so involved,” Paul adds.

To find out more about Good2Learn, head over to their website. www.good2learn.com