A Year of Tremendous Success for Ash.TV

In November 2016, Ash.TV was among ten of the fastest growing companies in the North to win Northern Stars, a Tech North Award. A year on, the start-up has experienced incredible success, working with a large number of clients around the world.

Ash.TV is continuously developing their patented tech to help businesses of all shapes and sizes market to online customers.

The core aim of their product is to allow clients’ to fully target video advertisements to their ideal customer. This can be done by selecting age, gender, location, interests and even their occupations. Not only is this excellent for brands, but it also means that consumers will only see advertisements of products that are relevant to them and their lifestyles. Ash.TV has the power to transform online ads so that they are more efficient and streamlined for both the company and potential customer.

“A lot of millennials are now unreachable through TV commercials. So more and more companies are looking to online advertisements in order to connect with their customers,” Tom Lewis, Head of Customers, explains.

The award included a support package for tech start-ups, which has allowed Ash.TV to propel their mobile-focused video advertising concept and create a successful tech business.

“We have been able to travel to Amsterdam, France, London, Texas and attended a meeting with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street,” Tom enthuses.

On top of this, the start-up recently released Ash.TV 2.0 that includes a number of exciting new features. They have also secured a round of investment from Mercia Technologies PLC, who offer support and advice to members of C4Di that are in the search for investment.

“We pull video content from a brand’s social media accounts and publish it online to thousands of the UK’s most popular news, media and industry-specific websites,” Tom expands. “We are currently playing 50 video adverts on mobile devices per second in the UK.”

The continual development of their unique product means that they are always on the lookout for new people to join their team.

The company that started just one year ago as an idea from a big brother with the help from his little brother, has now expanded across three countries, and is striving to grow even more.

Want to know more? Visit Ash.TV to read about their pioneering technology.