Have you heard about Edenic innovation?

C4DI Member Rob Lewis has 30 years of experience in corporate innovation. A year ago Rob founded 54DegreesNorth to leverage his experience to create a digital health innovation pipeline. Building on this foundation Rob has launched a brand new, co-developed process called Edenic Innovation with partners yesyesBD.

The process helps companies address 3 key challenges facing all businesses today - how to prevent themselves being disrupted; how to use digital technology; and how to think differently.  The process comes in various tailored packages to meet companies needs, it leverages digital talent and a framework of innovation scopes that forces a company to think differently and digitally.


The 3 D’s are the core guiding principles of the Edenic Group, they embody the aspirations and beliefs we have for every project we work on. We focus on these key principles facilitate break-through, disruptive solutions to almost every challenge faced by our clients. They also safeguard against future developments and emerging technologies allowing our clients to stay beyond the curve of our ever-changing world.


Businesses everywhere are being disrupted at an alarming rate, our process helps you break out of thinking like an incumbent and start acting like a DISRUPTOR.


Digital start ups are inventing new ways to do business in all fields, and some legacy companies reusing digital to grow their businesses.  Our process provides a framework to apply digital technology to any business old or new.


A key challenge for any business is how to think differently when they employ a certain type to person, educated very similarly, operating in a certain type of environment and structure.  Our process brings in new thinking to give a new wider perspective on how to innovate with alarmingly good results.

Visit their website for more information: www.edenicinnovations.com