Music Player App to Revolutionise the Music Streaming Industry

TX Ops has teamed up with fellow C4Di members to create a brand new app, which aims to bridge the gap between live radio and podcast.

The media player is the brainchild of Steve Bowman and James Horspool, who have collaborated with Fractal, Arc Studios and Think Southpaw to craft a unique concept that combines the classic live radio with contemporary podcast and streaming.

“We came up with the idea to solve a problem that the whole radio industry is currently experiencing,” Steve tells us.

With the rise of digital music sharing services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, as well as the increase in popularity of podcasts, traditional radio stations are suffering.

TX Ops has taken key elements from both conventional stations and music streaming applications to enable users to experience a bespoke, curated playlist of music, audio, speech and video.

“The idea is that it sounds just like live radio, with a real presenter.”

Users have the flexibility to skip content, but their playlist is tailored to their preferences.

“There will also be a function that allows listeners to cache content so they can listen offline whilst out and about without an internet connection,” Steve explains.

On top of this, new content, including breaking news, will be dropped in when you do regain a Wifi connection.

TX Ops is currently developing the application and their demo show will be hosted by Stephanie Hirst, the Yorkshire-born Hit40UK presenter. 

Follow TX Ops' progress on their website