Summit is Revolutionising the Way that People Purchase Cars

The UK automotive industry is having a bit of a moment. With sales, jobs, and turnover at an unprecedented high, there doesn’t seem to be much that can keep it down. However, in an increasingly technological world, where customers can order their lunch from their phones, send a virtual card from their desktop and check in to a flight before they even get to the airport, customers are expecting more and more from their online buying journeys, particularly when it comes to a lifestyle purchase, such as a car.

This is where Summit come in. They’ve created a retail platform using a host of new tech to give automotive consumers the best possible buying experience. Customer expectations are becoming harder and harder to reach, with the need for identifying and choosing various vehicle specs at the click of a button, selling your car online, and the need for receiving the best support and after-purchase care even in a digital marketplace.
Summit are combining their years of experience as retail disruptors to create an omnichannel platform which will “change the way that people buy vehicles online.” The hope is to partner with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to create a solution that will transform the entire retail process. Summit’s collective years of experience in data science and customer experience will combine with sector experts to create a “blueprint solution” help OEMs overcome any challenges that retail throws at them.  

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