Tim Mutlow lands Google-funded online scholarship

In this digital age we live in, it is even easier to learn a new skill or extend knowledge of your field with a certified online course. Co-Founder of Happy Goon and long-time member of C4DI, Tim Mutlow, recently decided to do just that and relive his University days and gain some new skills for the new year by applying to study for an online scholarship in Android Development. 

Tim has since won the scholarship for a 3-month online course, with the aim of developing and preparing for the Associated Android Developers Certification Exam from Google. We chatted to Tim about why he decided to apply for the course and what he plans to get out of it.

"Iā€™m polishing my Android app development skills with a view of gaining Google Accreditation which can prove my Android skills to potential clients." Tim explains, "Online courses are great because you can do them in your own time, at your own pace - even though this one is time limited to 3 months and you can get booted off for late assignments... They are funding my development though so it is pretty hardcore!"

Tim continues about the value of continued education: "Lifelong learning is so important in our sector especially since technology evolves so quickly you have to keep refreshing skills and knowledge to leverage best practices. What was the best way to do something even 1-2 years ago is now considered completely out-of-date and redundant. In my opinion, nothing beats learning with an actual teacher present for instant feedback and clarification of issues. But online courses are a great alternative and often have a community of learners who are all asking questions which will likely answer your queries or even make you think about something you otherwise may have missed."

The advantages of online education have been widely accepted, as shown by the Open Education Database and The Huffington Post, and there are plenty of websites and organisations that provide these types of courses, all it takes is a quick search on the internet to find out more. Having a go at that programming language you've always wanted to learn or trying your hand at digital design has never been easier, so get enrolled and learn something new!