Sauce Consultants - Best Mobile App 2016

Sauce launched here at C4DI roughly 7 months ago and have been developing web and app projects for clients across many sectors ever since. Amongst several projects in varying stages of development one mobile app, in particular, has been a huge success and landed them the award for Best Mobile App at the 2016 Digital Awards held earlier this month. Hull University Union (HUU) tasked Sauce with creating a mobile app for their WelcomeFest event that would allow students to access information on many topics, including services available to them, viewing and planning events, and learning about the campus and city. 

Replacing Freshers’ Week, WelcomeFest was launched in 2014 by HUU to drive forward student participation and allow every student to have the chance to experience what the university has to offer, from society events to welfare advice. The change was brought about at students’ request, meaning the app would need to be available to all years and all devices. So whether they are fresh-faced first years that want to know the basics like a map of the Uni or the places to be around Hull, or returning third years who want to be able to schedule events and book tickets for any of the many WelcomeFest events, the app needed to be comprehensive and accessible.

The partnership between HUU and Sauce flourished, allowing the app to be a huge success and led to the award win at this year’s annual Digital Awards. Matt Gibson, Sauce team member, gives some insight on what’s in store for Sauce from here: “From here we are expanding, there is lots of work to do and we are lucky that the support and community that exists within C4DI exists in order for us to assist us.”