The Future of Health is Staying Connected

Pharmacist-turned-entrepreneur Farooq Aslam has already launched his Vitamyn subscription box, introducing a more convenient way to buy supplements. Now he aims to help his customers keep in control and stay connected by releasing a custom-built app that assists in buying, taking and tracking vitamin intake. We met up with him to discuss the future of personal health monitoring and his exciting new venture. 

“Our saleable product is a 28-day advent calendar for supplements, which is sent out to customers monthly,” explains Farooq. “The functionality-designed packaging helps the consumer to achieve consistency with their intake, as well as providing an easy way to purchase vitamins.”

The inclusion of the ‘my’ in the brand name indicates that these supplements are personal. At the moment, Vitamyn provides tailored packs for male and female customers, but in the future Farooq hopes to create a more bespoke set for individuals: “There’s a core set of vitamins that we all need, and for now we’re keeping things broad, but in the future we’d definitely like to take the product further.”

Even the colours of Vitamyn suggest a clear target audience, as Rich Bates, a designer who has been helping Farooq develop the brand, explains: “Orange is a motivational colour, and Vitamyn is for motivated people who want to improve their lifestyles by taking supplements. Meanwhile, the grey background offers a professional feel to the company.”

With the subscription side of the business already a success, Farooq is now looking towards the future of health data by working on a custom-built mobile application. This will enable users to track micronutrient data in detail and record their compliance. 

“The app launches in two months,” enthuses Farooq. “It will send users a daily reminder to take their vitamins. Selecting ‘yes’ will result in the data automatically being recorded, and ‘no’ will dismiss the notification until later in the day.” This information can then be uploaded into a well-being aggregator such as Apple Health, which contributes to a larger body of information on the user’s lifestyle.  

“By blending technology and health in this way, we are providing an easier, more convenient way to stay constant and keep track of your intake,” Farooq explains. This is very important, as the recording of one’s physical state makes it easier in the future to effectively communicate with doctors and physicians. At the moment, hospitals and surgeries rely on us to honestly and accurately describe our lifestyle and any problems. Instead, by using health aggregators, experts will quickly be able to ascertain exactly what a person is deficient in and how to solve it. 

Vitamyn is a prime example of how the health and fitness industry is evolving with technology, as Farooq emphasises: “The future of health is 100% digital. Of course, there will always be an element of human interaction, but ten years from now our personal data will be smoothly accessed through these tracking applications and aggregators.”  

“It’s important to note that supplements must be taken alongside a healthy and balanced lifestyle,” Farooq adds, referring to his seven years of pharmaceutical industry experience. “There’s no magic pill to solve all of your problems, but Vitamyn acts as a bridge between the gap of a balanced diet and optimal intake of vitamins.”

As well as subscribing to a monthly box, we highly recommend that you visit the Vitamyn blog, which shares advice on everything from sports fitness to the benefits of infused water.